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Tom has always explored the cutting edge of technology to make video production more cost effective. He, along with several others, were among the first artists and producers in Los Angeles to recognize the possibilities that came along with the Commodore Amiga personal computer.

The Amiga was a far less expensive approach to animation and special effects than the Silicon Graphics work stations and Cray super computers that were first being used.

His career spans almost 40 years of a variety of projects encompassing documentaries, industrials, commercials, book and magazine covers, illustrations, logos, photography, photo reconstruction, portraiture, and digital fine art paintings and video "tone poems".

Tom is the Founder/ CEO of Adventure Unlimited Media (AUM) which he ran for decades before more recently retiring that business to focus more on his Art & Photo Restoration, Music and Video Production Studio work.

Tom is most famously known by his clients as always going the extra mile for them!

The Many "Hats" of Tom Miller

With brush, mouse, cameras and keyboard, Tom Miller artistically brings into our world ideas ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary and from the mundane to the metaphysical.

After graduating with distinction from Carleton College in MN with a B.A in Art, he attended USC Cinema School's Masters Program. Shorty afterwards he became a design cameraman with the internationally acclaimed graphic artist and film designer Saul Bass.

In Los Angeles in the early 1980's Tom started creating digital art on the Amiga computer, helping to pioneer the use of the personal desktop computer as a tool for professional animation.

Throughout much of the 80's & 90's Tom partnered with Douglas Kenyon, editor and publisher of Atlantis Rising Magazine. Their inspired and visionary thinking, with the financial backing of Executive Producer John Fanuzzi, enabled them to produce 3 major documentaries.

Tom has accomplished many varied projects, including documentaries, book covers, magazine covers and illustrations. He has also created full-scale orchestral compositions and productions.

He has traveled widely to the world's sacred sites and served as videographer for spiritual pilgrimages. He has visited Russia, England, Europe, India, the Middle East, Taiwan, Central Africa, Mexico, and Brazil.

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